Eagle Condor Humanitarian (ECH) is committed to implementing lasting solutions to break generational poverty for children, families and communities. We do this focusing on needed projects within the 4 Pillars of Self-Reliance.

Iltaqui and Jawapamba, Ecuador:

Project Focus –  Keep children from going hungry to allow them to focus on their education.

Project Story – Upon interviewing local community members, it was found that missing school to find food was a common occurrence for children.  It was agreed that if Eagle Condor Humanitarian would build a kitchen and supply a nominal monthly food stipend, community members would take shifts to cook the food and build a garden. Attendance has increased significantly and today well over 100 children are given meals in exchange for attending school.

Additional Expedition Help – In 2010 the school was cleaned top to bottom. The 2011 expedition project focused on building a new pre-school, and in 2012 expeditioneers worked with community members on community improvement goals.

Guayacana, Esmeraldas, Ecuador:

Project Story – Guayacana, Esmeraldas, Ecuador is a village where 1/5 belongs to the Chachi indigenous tribe. There are about 5,000 Chachi tribal members in existence. They speak Chapala (most men speak Spanish). They are a pre-Incan people, that migrated from the highlands during the Spanish Conquest to the jungles in southern Esmeraldas and settled on a tributary of the Esermaldas river. The village is 5 hours by bus and 3 hours by boat from Quito, in tribal territory, and our most remote community partnership. Eagle Condor Humanitarian has conducted expeditions to provide medical training, water and sanitation management assessment and training, and community infrastructure repairs. Through our partnership Guayacana and Eagle Condor have also worked on building a community boat ambulance and other projects according to emergency health needs.
Enjoy this video of the community:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opYkMnvfk6Y
One of the former Chiefs of Guayacana, Wilson, found the LDS church in Quininde (a little port town on 2hrs south of the village) and converted. They kicked him out of the leadership and he was ostracized from his community.  They started a little family group and it has grown to a formal branch of about 70-80 members.