Field Offices-MicroEnterprise Zones

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Eagle Condor (Aguila Condor) – Peru

Micro Enterprise Manager:  Victor Alarcon
Piura Field Assistant:  Marcelino Callao
Trujillo Field Assistant:  Miguel Avila
Administrative Assistant:  Maritza Chaname
Cuzco Humanitarian Projects Manager:   Hernan Carrasco

Cuzco Projects:

We work with community leaders, interns and expeditions from the USA to complete projects in small communities.

Hernan Carrasco – Cuzco Projects

Field Offices-Children’s Programs

The bulk of children-at-risk in South America are located in Developing Nations or Least Developed Nations (LDNs). These are countries with lower incomes and a lower human development index (HDI). For our purposes, Southern Cross Humanitarian’s current focus is in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Country Advisors & Volunteers

Henry Ponnefz – Cartagena Chapter President
Luzcelis Zuniga Ayala – Oversees Alegria de Vivir

Washington Zmabrano (Charity Anywhere) – Quito Advisor
Luis Tituana – Iltaqui Liaison


Carlos Tejeda – Intern & Project Liaison
Sra. Blanca Esther Castillo Martell – Manages Aldea
Felicianna Quiliche – Manages El Bichito
Yussef Sumar – Sacred Valley Liaison/Chapter President


Andean Area

  • Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay
  • Mexico and Central America Area

Mexico and all Central American countries

  • South America North and Caribbean Area
  • Caribbean Islands, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyanas, Brazil