Volunteer Abroad:

Imagine…. working side-by-side with people of different cultures, immersed in the joy of service.

  • Humanitarian Expeditions – Work side-by-side with the people of Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador bridging cultures by sharing each others strengths and creating connections for a stronger interconnected global family of life long good will
  • Youth Expeditions – Away experiences designed as preparation for college, missions, and life!
  • Medical Expeditions partnering with INNOVASIS, INC.


Several times per year Eagle-Condor Humanitarian provides life-changing expeditions implementing humanitarian projects touching the hearts of those who give and those who receive. Expeditions are carried out in a safe and professional way to provide a unique and personal glimpse into the heart and soul of the Latin American world. We invite you to come along and join us!  Personalized and family expeditions can be arranged by calling the office. The following expeditions are open to the public:

Date Place Expedition Leader – Excursion & Projects
March 9-21, 2014 (Full) Sacred Valley, Peru Anna Solomon – Wasatch Academy
June 1-10 (Full) Cartagena, Colombia Celeste Allen & Agel – SewMuchHope & Youth Center
June 4-15 (Full) Sacred Valley, Peru Missy Webster & Kristin Pickering- Medical Explorers Youth Expedition

June 10-20 Sacred Valley, Peru Karen Timothy & Paul Timothy – Youth Expedition     REGISTER HERE  June Youth 2014 Flyer
June 19-28 Piura, Peru Terrylynn Figueroa – Family Expedition   REGISTER HERE
Family or Group Expeditions Can be arranged for you! Call us at: 801-263-2000
July 8-20 Iquitos, Peru Scott & Carol Nelson – Jungle Adventure &  Machu Pichu    REGISTER HERE  Iquitos 2014 Flyer
July 22-August 1 Guayacana, Ecuador Chris Jensen, Remote Amazon village, Galapagos Islands (Primitive Conditions – limited spots available)  REGISTER HERE
July 22-August 1 Ecuador, Otavalo Brad Maxfield – Family Expedition, Galapagos Islands REGISTER HERE
July 23- August 3 Cusco, Peru Will Love- Family Expedition – REGISTER HERE
August 4-August 16 Cusco, Peru Robert Gordon & Scott Jolley – Family Expedition REGISTER HERE 
November 21-30 Chiapas, Mexico Missy Webster – Family Expedition
December 26- Jan 4 Peru  Family Expedition

Service Expeditions

Eagle Condor offers expeditions of 15-40 volunteers to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, to train, build, and implement humanitarian programs. Participants have overwhelmingly expressed that expeditions are one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences of their lives.

Anyone is welcome to come and work hard.  Eagle Condor needs moms, dads, teenagers, doctors, nurses, dentists, construction workers, and willing volunteers.  The average cost per person varies by expedition depending on length of stay, areas visited and other expenses.

Medical and Dental Expeditions

  • In coordination with the staff at Innovasis Inc., the medical expedition will teach techniques to doctors in Peru and perform surgeries together with local doctors.  Dental expeditions are coordinated by USA dentists with local in country dentists. 


  • Empower people through self-reliant programs
  • Teach practical life skills that will awaken people to their own potential
  • Mentor entrepreneurial principles and skills that will guide participants to create or enhance a sustainable business to support their families
  • Coordinate and compliment meaningful community projects leaving behind the skills and tools necessary to duplicate and maintain
  • Enrich lives to promote a stronger global family
  • Create friendships, bridging cultures with memories that will last a lifetime


  • Expeditions work in Peru, Ecuador and/or Colombia. Machu Picchu is included in Peru, and other tours to the jungle or Galapagos are included depending on your expedition.


  • Skills seminars
  • Micro Enterprise reinforcement training and program support
  • Donations of equipment and supplies for businesses
  • Health programs: dental, medical
  • Home repair projects
  • School libraries
  • Home production and storage
  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Education packets
  • Hygiene packets
  • Clothes donation
  • Children’s Programs

expeditions6aExpedition projects focus on continuing to create self-sustainable industries at our projects in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The most important skills on expeditions are hard work and a good attitude. When you sign up, remember you will be going to a developing nation that often lacks the quality of services you expect at home. Things will go wrong. That´s part of the 3rd world country adventure. Patience and understanding go a long way towards making each of those situations enjoyable instead of frustrating.

To participate in one of our expeditions simply:

  1. Click on the Registration Application  for your trip of interest
  2. Complete the registration along with your deposit
  3. We will contact you regarding preparations, packing, donations, and scheduling airfare. (Although airfare is not included in the expedition cost, we are happy to secure and coordinate tickets).
  4. Please contact us directly with any questions you may have (801-263-2000 or Missy at 801-787-8242)

To get you started on your expedition, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions and our expedition handbook to review. Please contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Cost:  $1850
Expedition will be based in La Paz with tourism excursions TBD.  See application for details on what is included/excluded.
All airfare not included.

Cost: $185o
Includes 1 day Caribbean Island excursion to Islas del Rosario (Cocoliso Island resort). See application for details on what is included/excluded.
All airfare not included.  See the Colombia expedition pageWilloc-17

Cost: $1850
Includes 3-5 day Galapagos Islands excursion. See application for details on what is included/excluded.
All airfare not included.   See the Ecuador expedition page

Cost: $1850

Includes 1 day Machu Picchu excursion. See application for details on what is included/excluded.
All airfare not included.  See the Peru expedition page

On some expeditions, particular skills or trades are in demand, but usually everyone with an energetic spirit has more than enough to do! Those younger than 12 are invited provided a parent is on the expedition, or have given consent for their child to go with another family member or guardian. Participants should be in good physical condition, and may wish to learn a little Spanish. Participants must have a current Passport. US Passports take several weeks to several months to process, so apply right away. No advance visa is required, unless you are not a citizen of the United States. All Humanitarian Expeditions are tax deductible trips to help children-at-risk. See your tax advisor for any restrictions that may apply to you. Group Limit will vary for each country. Last year’s expeditions filled rapidly, so make your plans soon. Call if you have questions: (801) 285-7922.

“As a freshman in high school I worked to finance my trip to go help the people of Peru. Most of the time was spent on construction and medical projects. It was so great that I ended up going on a second trip to Ecuador. It was a real eye-opener to what the real world is like. The exposure really helped me get motivated to achieve my goals because of the great life experience it was to work to help others. It made me better prepared for life away from home at school and on a mission. After returning from these trips I received a full-tuition service scholarship for college so that I could support myself through school. Above all, I continued with a vision in mind of a life I wanted to live to help those in need, which continues to shape my life.” -Devin ClarkWilloc-16

“I went to Cartagena, Colombia over Christmas and it was the best experience of my life.  I learned more about myself and other cultures.  I am forever thankful for the experience and the people hold a special place in my heart.  I highly recommend to anyone, the opportunity to serve.  Do whatever you have to do to make it happen! It’s the chance of a lifetime and so amazing.” – Natalie Searle

“We were thrilled when Caroline came back, as she seemed to have ‘grown three inches’ on the trip. She was very much more her own person, self-assured, much more talkative with us than had been usual, and told us extensively about the trip, about all of you, and your experiences as a group. Thank you so much for welcoming her and taking care of her for these two weeks which I am sure will become among the most memorable of her life.” – Gillette Hall