Sponsoring Self Reliant Zones

Eagle Condor Humanitarian (ECH) believes the best way to create lasting change is to teach others the skills for self-reliance. Enterprise Zones form local Self-Reliant Associations for which ECH provides grassroots training that strengthens communities, teaches people how to set personal (family) goals, and allows individuals to learn business strategies, accounting, and marketing skills.   Qualified staff in Peru support loan recipients with regular consultations. On average, three new employment positions are created by each new business started. $250 can sponsor a participant through the first level of training.  Generous donations of $15k can set up an entire Self-Reliance Association, training up to 100 participants! Currently ECH has established enterprise zones in Chiclayo, Piura, Iquitos, and Nauta, Peru. We are also working to develop programs in Colombia, and new areas in Peru. To donate, please click here.